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Solar Panel Technology

Solar panel technology has emerged as the solution of the day. It helps to generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight. Solar panel electricity systems basically capture the sun's energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. They are not in need of direct sunlight in order to work which means that they can generate energy even on cloudy days. The cells change the sunlight into electricity, allowing you to run lighting and household appliances.

PV cells are made from layers of semi-conducting substance. When light falls on the cell it makes an electric field through the layers. It means that stronger the sunshine, the more electricity will it generate. Groups of cells are attached with each other in panels that can be fixed on your roof or on the ground. PV cell power is measured in kilowatts peak. These cells come in numerous sizes and shapes and sizes.

People nowadays are turning to this mode of electricity generation as it is full of benefits. Solar panel technology allows you to cut your electricity bills. As sunlight is free you do not have to pay anything once you get the solar panel system. The interesting thing is that it not only helps you save money but also allows you to make money by selling the surplus electricity you generate. As solar electricity is green renewable energy and doesn't discharge any destructive carbon dioxide or other pollutants it is a great way to save the environment.

So if you still don’t have a solar panel it is time you do and benefit from its endless blessings. Save your money, save your world!

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Solar Panel History

Solar Panel Background

Solar panels help to generate electricity from sunlight. They capture the sun's energy with the help of photovoltaic cells which do not require direct sunlight to function, allowing you to have electricity even when there is not sunlight. The cells transform the sunlight into electricity, which helps users to run lighting and household appliances.

Solar power is basically the energy generated when solar radiation is transformed into heat or electricity. It has been used in customary building for a long time in developed countries. The use of solar energy as passive heating has swayed the design of homes and public buildings across the globe. This building technique has reduced the necessity for other sources of energy to produce heat.

Solar energy is used in a number of applications. For example, it is used to generate electricity through photovoltaics or solar electric panels as well as to use directly the heat generated: water and building heating, and cooking. Among the individual kinds of solar technology, the technological industry is directed on the production, development and commercialization of 2 types of electrical generating systems occurring from the collecting of solar rays such as photovoltaic solar energy and solar thermal energy. In photovoltaic solar energy system, electricity is produced with the help of semiconductor cells that react to solar radiation to generate electrical impulses while solar thermal energy systems produce electricity from a conventional thermodynamic cycle with the help of a fluid that is heated by the sun. The heat that is generated is changed into electric power.

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