Solar Shed Introducing the Solar SensorLite

Our Solar shed light is by far the best choice. It beats our competition by offering brighter Xenon lamps and Motion sensor activation with PIR (Passive Infra-Red) technology. You have the option of using automatic motion activation or simply pull a cord to turn on your SensorLite. Our competition cannot currently provide you with any of this technology. The Solar SensorLite is the right choice for you. See the superior features of our solar shed light below.

  • Motion Sensor Activated with PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Technology
  • Independent Solar Lighting for Wood, Metal and Plastic Sheds
  • Charged by the Sun, No Electrical Wiring Required
  • Brighter Low Voltage Xenon Lamps (much brighter than flourescent bulbs)
  • Light Runtime Up to 2 Hours (at full charge)
  • Simple to Install in just minutes.
  • Solar Panel Mounts to Decks Roofs and Walls
  • For Sheds, Greenhouses, or any other small structure
  • A Wonderful Gift for the Holidays!



* Orders of 6 or more will receive a 10% price discount!

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